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NexeraID joins INATBA to transform digital identity ecosystem

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Vanessa MORENO
NexeraID joins INATBA to transform digital identity ecosystem

NexeraID, a leading blockchain-based digital identity solutions, proudly announces joining the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). This membership reinforces NexeraID's commitment to contributing to the global dialogue on blockchain innovation, with a special focus on digital identity through participation in the Identity Working Group.

Driving innovation in digital identity

NexeraID's involvement with INATBA, particularly within the Identity Working Group, illustrates its dedication to innovate for a secure and privacy-preserving digital identity. This group facilitates a vital exchange of ideas, best practices, and knowledge, uniting the digital identity and blockchain communities, researchers, governments, and international institutions.

Collaboration for global impact

By aligning with INATBA, NexeraID is set to collaborate with a network of global leaders and experts, aiming to shape the future of blockchain applications. This partnership will leverage NexeraID's expertise in blockchain solutions to influence policies, standards, and practices that promote trust, privacy, and innovation across various sectors.

Commitment to standards and practices

As a member of INATBA, NexeraID commits to adhering to and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct, regulatory compliance, and technological excellence. This collaboration is aligned with NexeraID's vision of creating a more secure, transparent, and inclusive digital world.

A call to action for industry leaders

NexeraID's membership with INATBA represents an open invitation to other industry leaders to join the conversation and collaborative efforts in shaping a responsible and innovative blockchain ecosystem. Together, we can drive the adoption of blockchain technology in a way that respects privacy, ensures security, and facilitates inclusivity.


The partnership between NexeraID and INATBA is setting the stage for a future where blockchain technology redefines the essence of digital identity. This alliance not only illustrates NexeraID's commitment to improving blockchain applications but is also an invitation for all stakeholders across industries to join in shaping a digital future that is accessible, transparent, and secure for all.

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About NexeraID

NexeraID is developing blockchain-based digital identity solutions that ensure privacy, security, and compliance with global regulations. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, NexeraID is committed to empowering individuals and organizations with the tools they need to navigate the digital world securely and confidently.


The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) offers a global platform for blockchain technology advocates, developers, and practitioners to interact with regulators and policy makers. Its mission is to bring together diverse stakeholders to promote dialogue, collaboration, and action that will lead to the adoption and implementation of blockchain in various sectors worldwide.

Vanessa MORENO
Head of Marketing