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NexeraID joins CryptoUK to promote privacy-preserving compliance in the crypto sector

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Vanessa MORENO
NexeraID joins CryptoUK to promote privacy-preserving compliance in the crypto sector

As a leader in privacy-preserving compliance solutions for the web3 space, NexeraID is proud to announce its membership with CryptoUK, the United Kingdom's premier self-regulatory trade association for the crypto asset sector. This strategic alliance reaffirms NexeraID's support of a balanced regulatory environment that promotes innovation while ensuring consumer safety and the integrity of financial transactions in the cryptocurrency domain.

The need to overcome compliance challenges for a better crypto adoption

Crypto adoption faces many challenges, including regulatory evolutions, security concerns, and the important balance between privacy and transparency. Overcoming these obstacles is essential for crypto to achieve seamless integration into traditional finance and gain broader public trust. This collaboration between NexeraID and CryptoUK aims at driving forward the conversation on privacy and compliance in the crypto industry, for a more safe and secure digital asset ecosystem in the UK and beyond.

NexeraID as a strategic partner in adapting to the evolving compliance landscape

NexeraID's platform, known for its cutting-edge application of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), offers a privacy-preserving compliance solution that enables businesses to meet strict regulatory requirements without compromising on user anonymity. This technology is particularly relevant in light of recent legislative changes targeting anonymous transactions, demonstrating NexeraID's role as a strategic partner in navigating the evolving compliance landscape. 

NexeraID's expertise positions the company as a valuable contributor to CryptoUK's efforts to promote a safe, transparent, and innovative crypto asset industry in the UK.

"Our membership with CryptoUK is a significant step in our journey to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and regulatory compliance," said Rachid Ajaja, CEO of NexeraID. "We are excited to collaborate with other industry leaders to advocate for policies that support the growth and integrity of the crypto sector, all while ensuring the privacy and security of users."

A partnership that aligns with CryptoUK's principles

UK leadership and support for good regulation

NexeraID shares CryptoUK's vision of establishing the UK as a global leader in crypto assets. Together, we are committed to supporting the introduction of dedicated regulations that safeguard consumers and promote industry best practices, ensuring clarity and certainty for all crypto asset service providers.

Improving consumer trust and security

By joining CryptoUK, NexeraID reinforces its dedication to the association’s self-regulatory Code of Conduct. NexeraID aligns with CryptoUK's core principles of enhancing consumer trust, promoting transparency, and ensuring security in the crypto asset industry. 

Our platform employs advanced technologies, such as zero-knowledge proofs, to offer ID verification and transaction monitoring that comply with regulations without compromising user privacy. This approach supports CryptoUK’s commitment to providing clear, honest, and responsible services to consumers, contributing to a secure and trustworthy digital finance landscape.

Facilitating public-private dialogues for crypto innovation

As a new member of CryptoUK, NexeraID looks forward to engaging in meaningful collaboration with political, regulatory, and legal bodies alongside fellow members. Our goal is to advance a supportive operating environment for crypto assets in the UK, minimize risks to consumers, and fight illegitimate uses of this technology. NexeraID is excited about the opportunity to bring our expertise in privacy-preserving compliance to the forefront of the UK's crypto asset regulatory discussions and initiatives.


NexeraID’s membership in CryptoUK is a significant milestone in our journey to merge technology with regulation, ensuring a secure, compliant, and innovative future for crypto assets. We are committed to working closely with CryptoUK and its members to promote a regulatory framework that supports the growth of the crypto asset sector in the UK and beyond.

For more information about NexeraID and our privacy-preserving compliance solutions, contact us.

About NexeraID

NexeraID is a compliance and intelligence platform designed for the web3 space, offering innovative solutions that simplify Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. By leveraging distributed ledger technology and zero-knowledge proofs, NexeraID ensures the security, integrity, and privacy of compliance data, facilitating a secure and regulatory-compliant environment for businesses operating within the digital economy.

About CryptoUK

Launched in early 2018, CryptoUK is the UK’s pioneering self-regulatory trade association for the cryptoasset sector. With members from leading companies across the industry, CryptoUK aims to enhance financial transactions for the benefit of consumers, businesses, and security through cryptoassets. The association is committed to educating policymakers, developing an appropriate regulatory framework, and ensuring the UK becomes a global leader in this new industry. By joining CryptoUK, NexeraID aligns itself with a body that prioritizes the establishment of a proportionate and effective regulatory landscape in the UK.

Vanessa MORENO
Head of Marketing