Create your own customer risk assessment rules,
using our no-code solution

VASPs and CASPs have to turn multiple customer data points into on-going assessment to monitor risk during all the customer lifecycle.

We provide useful pre-existing customer risk scoring rules that you can tune to set appropriate automated insights based on your business specificity.

Enrich your customer profiling by considering multiple data points
    Easily import existing or additional data to your customer profiling and crypto AML process (wallet reputation, IP address screening, transaction monitoring...)
Turn your consumer data into perpetual insights
    Build your perfect customer risk assessment and AML monitoring, depending on your business specificity and internal risk policies.
    You can implement our pre-existing scores and scenarios or fine-tune your own risk assessment with our no-code settings.
Promote collaboration and make better decisions
    In today’s fast-changing regulatory environment, you need to quickly adapt to new requirements and learn iteratively.
    Thanks to our accessible and no-code solution you can empower your teams while promoting fast and efficient decision-making.