We believe next-gen digital identity is key to promote trust in Web3

Digital trust is a critical element to promote innovation and consumer engagement in Web3. At NexeraID, we believe that trust relies on a new era of digital identity which is the representation of unique data points, attributes and credentials.

This is why we build the standards of a secure, accountable and reusable digital identity.
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Building trust in Web3

At NexeraID, we believe trust builds on a combination of on-chain and off-chain data that can be leveraged in a seamless and secure way.

Trusted interactions between companies and customers in web3 are the key to unlock sustainable growth and innovation in Web3.
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We want to empower Web3 companies with consumer intelligence and compliance solutions

Our mission is to simplify customer identity verification and management processes.

We turn consumer data into reliable insights and help Web3 companies grow compliantly.
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The ‘Nex-Era’ has already started

We are Web3 enthusiasts — We are a spinoff of Allianceblock (a Web3-native company funded in 2018) and we want to boost Web3 adoption.

We set the bar high(er) — We are hard-workers and determined to build impactful and useful solutions for web3 companies.

We believe in coopetition — We believe Web3 mass adoption requires even more skills and creativity. We want to cultivate collaboration and cooperation to create more value to the community.
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