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Streamline daily compliance operations and comply with regulatory requirements, with a central hub for managing customer risk, collaborating efficiently, and making data-driven decisions
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Dashboard Case Management
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Core features and benefits

Dashboard Nexera

Simplify compliance with automated & centralized alerts

Centralize onboarding and ongoing monitoring data on your customers (KYC, KYB, KYT 
and Fraud detection), including their automatically assigned risk score (based on age, nationality, screening results...). Get automated alerts anytime a suspicious activity or profile is flagged by the system (based on sanctions lists, PEP lists, adverse media).

Simplify case management with a collaborative dashboard

Gain a unified view of all customer data and alerts within a single dashboard and manage 
access control with customizable workspaces for smooth collaborative case 
Dashboard NexeraDashboard Nexera
Dashboard Nexera
Export the audit trail

Make your regulatory reporting effortless

Centralize customer data and track audit trails, ensuring transparency, simplifying reporting 
of suspicious activity, and facilitating compliance with audits and regulatory controls.

Make smarter decisions with our customizable dashboards

Gain actionable insights into your customer base with our intelligent, customizable 
dashboards. Track key metrics (onboarding trends, alerts generated, overall risk 
distribution...). Make data-driven business decisions to optimize your compliance 
operations and ensure long-term success.
Dashboard Case Management
Regulation NexeraRegulation NexeraRegulation Nexera
Regulation NexeraRegulation NexeraRegulation Nexera
Regulation NexeraRegulation NexeraRegulation Nexera

Tailor user onboarding to your own restrictions and regulation needs

Our adaptable platform lets you tailor onboarding workflows to your specific needs. Define custom rules (region blocking, age verification, wallet scoring,...) ensuring you only onboard compliant users while streamlining the process for legitimate ones.

Enjoy hassle-free implementation

Our solution is built for Web3. We leverage low-code technology and smart contract 
gating to ensure a smooth and efficient integration with your existing systems. This allows you to achieve the highest level of compliance without sacrificing valuable time or resources.
Regulation Nexera

What our users are saying

Matchain Logo
Development team @Matchain
NexeraID got clear structure and user guidance. It combines both solid project and user-friendliness as a one stop KYC tool!
Toronet Logo
Joshua Ayo
Development team @ToroNet
Working with the NexeraID team has been a truly enjoyable experience. Their readiness to provide excellent support and their unwavering commitment to help at every turn has left a lasting impression on me.
Whalepoker Logo
Founder/CEO @Whalepoker
NexeraID has been key in helping us achieve AML compliance efficiently with their easy-to-use web3-based solution.
Daniel Radwansky
Co-founder and CEO @StegX
NexeraID offers exactly what a German-based startup like StegX needs: innovative tools that ensure secure and compliant real estate tokenization, helping us navigate diverse regulatory landscapes and expand into the global market while setting new benchmarks. The experience with every NexeraID team member, whether developer, business development, or marketer, has been truly exceptional.


We make AML compliance easier and more accessible to Web3 players

Who is NexeraID and what do they offer ?

NexeraID makes compliant onboarding and monitoring of your customers effortless with a unique one-stop-shop tailored to Web3 businesses. It integrates best-in-class providers (KYC, KYB, KYT, AML, Wallet Screening), consolidates all customer data and alerts, automates compliance tasks and provides smart dashboards.

What is Know-Your-Customer (KYC)?

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) is a set of procedures that businesses use to verify the identities of their customers and understand the potential risks they might pose (verification of government-issued ID, selfie, proof of residence...) . This is similar to how a bank migh task you for identification when you open an account.

KYC helps prevent and minimize fraud, money laundering, and other types of financial crime.. Most companies will need to employ an effective KYC tool to identify and verify their customers. NexeraID offers KYC as part of its all-in-one compliance solution. Learn more

What is Know-Your-Business (KYB)?

Know-Your-Business (KYB) is a process similar to KYC (Know-Your-Customer) but that focuses specifically on businesses. When a business signs up with a cryptocurrency platform, KYB helps verify the legitimacy and ownership of the company. This might involve checking business registration documents, information about the company's owners and directors, and the nature of the business and its activities.

KYB helps ensure that only reputable businesses are participating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This adds another layer of security and helps prevent fraud or misuse of the platform. NexeraID offers KYB as part of its all-in-one compliance solution. Learn more

What is Know-Your-Transaction (KYT)?

Know-Your-Transaction (KYT) is an important step in business processes that goes beyond just knowing who your customer is (KYC). While KYC verifies the identity of a customer using the platform, KYT focuses on the transactions performed on the platform. This involves monitoring the customer’s activity to identify any suspicious behavior.

By analyzing things like the source and destination of funds, transaction amounts, and frequency, KYT can help flag any activity that might be unusual or indicate potential money laundering, terrorist financing or other illegal actions. Companies operating in web3 space must employ effective tools for transaction monitoring. NexeraID offers transaction monitoring and wallet screening. Learn more

What is AML Customer Screening?

AML stands for Anti-Money Laundering. Money laundering is the process of trying to hide the source of money obtained illegally. AML Customer Screening is one of the ways NexeraID helps businesses comply with regulations to prevent money laundering from happening on their platform.

During AML Customer Screening, NexeraID checks the customers against special lists of people and businesses that governments and international organizations have identified as being high risk for money laundering or other illegal activities. These lists might include criminals, terrorists, or sanctioned entities. By comparing customers to these lists, NexeraID can help identify potential risks and prevent bad actors from using the platform for illegal purposes.

What is MiCA and how will it affect my business?

MiCA stands for Markets in Crypto-Assets. It's a new set of regulations launched by the European Union (EU) that aims to bring more oversight and clarity to the cryptocurrency industry. The goal is to create a safer and more reliable environment for everyone involved.

MiCA is likely to affect your business if you deal with cryptocurrency in the EU. Here are a
few potential ways MiCA might impact you:

  • Clearer rules: MiCA will establish clear rules for businesses offering cryptocurrency
    services in the EU. This will help ensure everyone is playing by the same set of
  • Stronger KYC/AML: MiCA may require stricter Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and
    Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. This might involve collecting more
    information from your customers or implementing additional verification steps.
  • Reporting requirements: MiCA could introduce new reporting requirements for
    cryptocurrency businesses. This might involve reporting suspicious activity or
    transactions exceeding certain thresholds. Learn more

Making compliance easy for Web3 businesses

Trust in our innovative approach to turn compliance from a challenge into a strategic advantage.
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