The Next Generation of Smart Wallets

Nexera ID is a programmable smart wallet that gives you full custody of your digital assets and identity, balancing privacy and versatility.

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Ushering in the next era for the next generation of smart wallets

Nexera ID is a next-generation digital wallet designed to securely store your digital assets and identity. Set up rules for actions in the wallet, as well as for recovery. Multi-factor security and zero-knowledge proofs protect your wallet and your privacy. Developers can easily integrate the SDK and enable these features in their dApps.

Smart Wallet

Nexera ID is versatile. Bring the best of Web2 and Web3. All in one platform.

  • Low Barrier to Entry · Create your Smart Wallet with your social media accounts, email, or current mnemonic-based wallets.
  • Supports All Kinds of Wallets · Connect your custodial, semi-custodial or non-custodial wallets and manage your assets in one place.
  • Your Digital Passport · Combine your Web 2.0 identities, verified KYC reports, and generate proofs to access decentralized apps trustlessly.

Your Wallet, Your Custody

Nexera ID is self-custodial. Transact with your assets, manage your identity, and create your rules, all without any centralized or third-party intermediary.

  • Buy, Sell, Swap, Send · Transact with full confidence and control of your assets within your wallet.
  • Manage Your Identity · Grant or revoke permissions, at any time, to access your identity information.
  • Create Your Rules · Create rules on transaction limits per asset or globally, authentication requirements, locking your wallet, and more.

Multi-factorSecurity and Privacy

Nexera ID is multi-factor secured. Verifiable credentials act both as your identity and your social security, with your information never stored anywhere.

  • Verifiable Credentials · Use your social identities, hardware wallets, security keys, and other authenticated information as verifiable credentials for protecting your wallet, and setting up rules.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication · Enable notifications and multi-factor authentication for actions in your wallet, including transactions, permissions, and recovery.
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs · ZKPs allow you to store your identity information without revealing personal details, making it easy to share (or revoke) proofs of your age, nationality, etc.

Smart Wallet, Smarts Rules

Nexera ID is rule-customizable. Rules define everything that can be (cannot be) done in your smart wallet, including recovery.

  • Customize Rules · Access a flexible set of restrictions and customize your rules for accessing, transacting, and recovering your assets and identity information.
  • Approval Permissions · Your rules are automated depending on the approval that you’ve set. Allow transactions until a certain amount, control access for your proofs, lock your wallet, and more.
  • Recovery · Set recovery rules in case your wallet is stolen, hacked, or granting access to your selected peers. Your verified credentials act as social proofs for recovering your assets and identity information.


Nexera ID is easy to build with. Extend the versatile, secure, and smart features of MetaNFT into your dApps and platforms with our SDK and tools.

  • Compliance · With Verifiable Credentials, authenticated KYC/KYB reports, KYT scanning, and more, businesses and developers can build in optional compliance into their platforms
  • Time to Market · The Nexera Protocol that powers Nexera ID is inherently interoperable, and lets developers adapt quickly with emerging NFT standards, saving time and resources
  • Scalable · MetaNFTs are mutable and composable, and any application can take advantage of the properties and restrictions residing in users’ MetaNFTs


Introducing the Nexera Protocol: The Next-Generation Standard for NFTs and Interoperable Metadata

The Nexera Protocol is a groundbreaking solution for creating mutable and composable NFTs called MetaNFTs, which are more flexible, scalable and extensible.

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Nexera ID Deep Dive: A Programmable Smart Wallet Powered by Nexera MetaNFTs

Nexera ID is a groundbreaking solution built on Nexera MetaNFTs to power a programmable smart wallet that promotes privacy, security and self-custody. Its integration will lower the barrier of entry for users from Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and will allow institutions and builders to utilize self-sovereign identities that adapt to compliance requirements and drive effective self-regulation.

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Let’s Build Together

Business, developers and institutions can take advantage of Nexera ID in their applications and platforms. Contact us and let’s build together!

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