Your all-in-one intelligence platform for crypto compliance

At NexeraID, we help you manage your financial crime risk by ensuring that everything you need in terms of customer risk management, from onboarding to on-going monitoring, is comprehensively covered.

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We simplify crypto compliance challenges: unifying data, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer experience

No more siloed
customer data

Our unified customer data approach consolidates fragmented information into a single profile, simplifying compliance management.

No more manual
and repetitive processes

Our collaborative alert and case management system enables teams to adapt, customize, and work seamlessly together in meeting regulatory requirements.

No more overwhelming
customer journey

Our platform enables teams to implement personalized compliance rules and flows, helping them balance risk prevention and customer satisfaction.

Seamless integration with your preferred tools
    We seamlessly integrate with your preferred onboarding, ongoing verification and transaction monitoring tools (including KYC, KYB, KYT, Fraud prevention and Trade surveillance) providing a comprehensive view that bridges traditional and crypto risks for every customer.
Unified alert and case management system
    We help compliance teams simplify their daily operations with our collaborative and unified case management system, ensuring faster responses to alerts, streamlined investigation process, and proactive risk management.
Expert guidance for crypto compliance
    We offer consulting services provided by crypto compliance experts who anticipate the evolving crypto regulatory landscape, addressing all compliance challenges and keeping you one step ahead.

We make compliance easier
and more accessible to Web3 players

What is crypto compliance?
Why do I have to perform KYC (Know your customer)?
How will MICA regulation affect my business?
What is a CASP (Crypto Asset Services Provider)?

Next-gen privacy-
preserving compliance

We believe in a safe and fair Web3 ecosystem, where compliance can be achieved while safeguarding the privacy of the customers.
This is why we have been working since 2021 on the future of compliance in web3 by leveraging Verifiable Credentials, and ZKP (Zero knowledge proof) technology.
We offer a privacy-preserving KYC module to ensure that sensitive user data remains protected while complying with regulatory requirements.