KYC solution

At NexeraID, we understand that some crypto businesses, like DeFi protocols, want to implement customer verification in their onboarding process while preserving their customers privacy.

We provide a user-friendly widget that can verify customers identity without compromising sensitive data.

Privacy-preserving identity verification
    Anonymously authenticate and onboard users in a decentralized and permissionless process.
    Enable the users to prove their rights to access your platform without having to disclose any sensitive information.
Reusable and user-owned identity
    Significantly reduce friction in the onboarding process by reducing time and identity verification’s cost as users can claim, store and reuse their credentials.
Seamless integration with your smart contract
    Simplify the process of verifying your users on-chain. NexeraID on-chain verifiers can easily be plugged to your own contracts to provide an off-the -shelf, flexible and composable on-chain verification process.
Customizable on-chain compliance rules and flows
    Our user-friendly rules engine enables you to deploy your verification rules on-chain and easily keep them up to date with the evolving crypto regulatory requirements.