Build the KYC & AML onboarding flow that matches your needs

VASPs and CASPs must check if their new customers are reputable and trustworthy to prevent fraud and identity theft.

At NexeraID, we provide multiple customer verification options and help you create you own user onboarding flow (ID scan, liveness, crypto AML, proof of address, sanction lists, watchlists,...)

Off-chain and on-chain identity verification options
    –°hoose between top standards customer verification options like:
  • ID verification (ID scan, liveness, ...)
  • Address verification
  • Wallet screening
  • AML blacklist checks
Case management and reporting
    Get real-time customer onboarding insights from our intuitive dashboard
  • Dynamic user assessment
  • Easy-to-read infographics
  • Reporting assistance
Composable KYC and AML screening workflows
    Create the most appropriate onboarding scenarios and data requirements for your customers.
    Benefit from our pre-existing rules, test the results using our sandbox environment, and keep fine-tuning your KYC process with our no-code settings.