NexeraID joins leading French association Adan to contribute to the future of the European Web3 industry
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NexeraID joins leading French association Adan to contribute to the future of the European Web3 industry

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NexeraID joins leading French association Adan to contribute to the future of the European Web3 industry

NexeraID, a leading one-stop-shop compliance solution for Web3 businesses, proudly announces joining Adan, the leading Web3 professionals association in France and Europe. This membership reinforces NexeraID's commitment to contributing to the democratization and growth of the Web3 sector.  

Building a secure and thriving Web3 future: NexeraID joins forces with Adan

NexeraID’s values align with Adan’s mission to promote responsible innovation within the Web3 space. Both NexeraID and Adan recognize the transformative potential of Web3 technologies. Adan is committed to promoting a deeper understanding of the crypto-blockchain universe, facilitating its wider adoption. NexeraID shares this vision, focusing on simplifying and streamlining operations for Web3 businesses, particularly in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance. 

Furthermore, Adan plays an important role in shaping the regulatory landscape for Web3. Their dedication to building clear and effective national and European regulations aligns perfectly with NexeraID's mission to make these regulations practical and accessible for Web3 businesses. By facilitating compliance through user-friendly solutions, NexeraID empowers businesses to operate within a secure and compliant framework. Ultimately, both Adan and NexeraID are united in a shared goal: promoting secure and responsible advancements within the Web3 sector. By collaborating with Adan, NexeraID aims to contribute to a future where secure and compliant innovation thrives within the Web3 space.

Joining Adan : strengthening NexeraID’s position within the Web3 community 

By joining Adan, NexeraID is empowered to become a leading force in building a secure and compliant Web3 future thanks to : 

  • An enhanced industry knowledge: Adan promotes a collaborative environment where leading Web3 players can connect and stay at the forefront of industry developments. This exchange of knowledge allows us to better serve the evolving needs of Web3 businesses.
  • An influence on the regulatory landscape: As a member of Adan, NexeraID gains a voice in shaping future Web3 regulations. NexeraID’s compliance expertise can contribute to the development of clear and practical frameworks that promote responsible innovation in Web3.

NexeraID: an active contributor to the Adan community

NexeraID's commitment to Adan extends beyond simple membership. They are dedicated to actively contributing to the association's mission and promoting a collaborative environment within the Web3 space. Their involvement will be multifaceted:

  • Event participation: NexeraID will actively participate in Adan's conferences and networking events. By sharing their expertise in Web3 compliance, they aim to educate and empower other members. These events also provide a valuable platform for NexeraID to connect with potential partners within the French and European Web3 ecosystem.
  • Committee engagement: NexeraID team members will be actively involved in relevant Adan committees. Through participation in these committees, NexeraID can contribute their compliance knowledge and experience to shaping the future of Web3 regulations. This collaborative approach allows them to work alongside other industry leaders, merging expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the entire Web3 sector. 


NexeraID is thrilled to join forces with Adan, a like-minded organization that shares the same vision for a secure and thriving Web3 future. This membership marks a significant step forward in NexeraID commitment to Web3 democratization and compliant scalability. Together with Adan, they’re excited to promote a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared, regulations are shaped responsibly, and innovation thrives within a secure and compliant framework. 

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About NexeraID

NexeraID is developing blockchain-based digital identity solutions that ensure security and compliance with global regulations. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, NexeraID is committed to empowering individuals and organizations with the tools they need to navigate the digital world securely and confidently. 

About Adan 

Adan is the professional association representing Web3 players in Europe. Adan's mission is to promote the use of Web3 and blockchain technologies in France and Europe by bringing together members of the industry to encourage their development.

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